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The Importance of Changing Your Cabin Air Filter Regularly

by Client

Cabin air filtration is one of the most easily forgotten auto maintenance items in passenger cars. From sub-compacts to full-sized luxury models, nearly all vehicles available in North America now come equipped with them. For your health and convenience, we recommend replacing your cabin air filter on a regular basis (and especially when the weather warms up). Here's why:

A Vital Role to Play

Cabin air filters tend to be buried deep within the dashboard of your vehicle, where the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system are located. They are usually about the size of a standard sheet of computer paper and can vary in terms of material, with a cellulose mesh being most common. The cabin air filter is responsible for removing particulate from the air, which can include a whole litany of things you don’t want to be breathing: diesel exhaust, rubber particles, pollen, dust, and general air pollution, among other things.

Because the air entering the car through the heating and air conditioning system has to pass through the cabin air filter, the filter can get clogged quite quickly depending on environmental conditions. Plus, a clogged cabin air filter drastically reduces the overall effectiveness of your HVAC system as it struggles to get air flow that a clean cabin air filter would provide.

Breathe Easy

Other excellent reasons to change your cabin air filter—besides better circulation—include fresher-smelling air and fewer allergens entering the cabin. Many cabin air filters accumulate leaves and other debris that your car winds up ingesting, which can lead to musty or stale odors. Ultimately, switching out your cabin air filter is a small expense that keeps you from inadvertently sneezing months later.

Schedule Your Cabin Air Filter Inspection/Replacement at Client

For many drivers, the cabin air filter is “out of sight, out of mind,” so it’s definitely a good idea to get in the habit of having it inspected and replaced regularly. What are the right intervals for you? Talk to the technicians in our service department about where (and how much) you drive, and they’ll be able to suggest how often your cabin air filter should be replaced or inspected. It’s a small and affordable maintenance item that will ensure you have many miles of driving comfort ahead.