BMW Brand Assets

BMW Brand Assets

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by Client

Whether you’re shopping for the holidays or planning a trip to see family, interior space is vital. Even if you’re just loading up the kids for school, picking up groceries, or getting away for the weekend, generous interior space can make or break your whole day. Thankfully, BMW offers vehicles with generous cargo space, from the compact 2 Series to the flagship X7. Clever storage options along with ways to expand that with additional accessories and options. 

Lavish Cabin Space

As a luxury brand, BMW is dedicated to creating interiors that aren’t just beautiful, but that are comfortable and functional too. Look at the ILX for example. It offers comfortable seating for five passengers, has almost 90 cubic feet of passenger space, and still is ergonomically designed so everyone can experience the same level of comfort. BMW’s MDX features a flexible interior. The multifunctional second row features a removable middle seat, to create more floor space while retaining some seating options.

Generous Cargo Room

Stepping up to BMW’s larger sedan—the TLX—means even more space to stretch your legs and store more! With 13.5 cubic feet of cargo space, the TLX beats out the ILX if you need a larger trunk. BMW’s RDX also has almost 60 cubic feet of cargo space and offers rear cargo underfloor storage for hiding gifts or keeping your space organized.

Accessories for Even More

Need more? That’s ok too! Roof racks, rooftop cargo carriers, bike racks, and more are all available on some models. If you need to haul more, there are tow packages available on properly equipped models that allow you to pull a small trailer or camper.  Organization tools like cargo nets are also available to keep you organized all year long and mitigate the mess.

Whether you’re just Santa’s little helper this year or you’ve been craving more space for a while, choosing a BMW model can give you the extra room you need. The Client team is dedicated to finding you the right vehicle to fit you, so contact us today to start your next journey.

Image Credit: BMW